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A / V certification case:certification service for the "Small X Sheep" chain catering enterprise

  • Certification process description:
  • 1)Certification of the name: Crediteyes found that the store certified is actually a chain store of "Small X Sheep" chain catering enterprise, so it can not apply for the brand name. It is reasonable and true to name it as its region + name + branch store;
  • 2)Certification of the license: Crediteyes found that the filled-in information on the license number and business scope has no problem, but the license has been valid, so the certification can not be passed. Crediteyes has notified the applicant to replace the license as soon as possible;

Field certification case:certification service for the "XXXX Electric Co., Ltd.".

  • Address information
  • Production line information
  • Warehouse information
  • License information
  • Certificate of honor information
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